Intro to Downtown San Diego Condominium Tower: Things You Need to Know

06/18/2011 11:51

San Diego is a metropolitan and cosmopolitan city, where you'll find plentiful entertainment and excitement. In the modern society, people pay more attention to the quality of life. Therefore, condos in San Diego should be convenient for both life and work, especially the condos in Downtown San Diego. Among the Downtown Dan Diego condos, Condominium Tower is a good option.


This article will present an intro to Condominium Tower from many aspects in order to help you to find an ideal condo in San Diego.

1. Condominium Tower is also called Smart Corner, which was claimed into operation in 2007. Condominium Tower intends to build a comprehensive community for entertainment and comfort. It not only stresses on inner configuration, but also the surrounding amenities. The condos of Condominium Tower come in many shapes and sizes, which are studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms. There are 19 storeys in Condominium Tower, in which five storeys are office space. Residents are able to have a bird-view of Downtown San Diego from Condominium Tower, and down to parks or beaches. With amazing restaurants, premier shopping, and sensational entertainment options, you will be satisfied with Condominium Tower. Educational facility is also within walking distance, which will bring great convenience to your kids. You are sure to find what you need in Downtown San Diego by living in Condominium Tower.

2. Condominium Tower is equipped with gated underground parking, secure entry, spa, fitness centers, barbecue areas and other facilities. Concierge and 24-hour security is also available in Condominium Tower. Condominium Tower installed a visual security system to ensure the security of the residents. The whole Condominium Tower is scattered with non-stop cameras and speakers to supervise the movements in 24 hours. The security center still has close contact with San Diego Police Department, and police will arrive in minutes when there is a need.

3. The Condominium Tower Real State will present you several floor plans if you are interested in Condominium Tower. A condo at Condominium Tower is priced from $150 to $500 square feet. Compared to other condos in Downtown San Diego, Condominium Tower offers the most reasonable price. And once you become the owner, many fees will be included in the Homeowner dues, such as phone, cable and high speed internet fees. The condos are also open to people who want to rent a condo. Condo rentals also share the same benefits of HOA dues.