Discover the Hidden Fun San Diego Vineyards

09/03/2011 11:01

Having a wine tour is one thing that you must do if you come to San Diego, CA, as there are some of the world’s greatest wineries there. They lie in the Temecula Valley. It is estimated that there are about 20 vineyards in Temecula Valley. They attract numerous visitors from all over the world to visit San Diego. How wonderful it is to spend a day in a vineyard!

You are allowed to taste the wines that are going to mature if you come to San Diego in January. March and May are the months for wine lovers. During this period, a wine tasting event is held to let participants taste from diverse kinds of wines from different areas of the United States. You have access to the finest wine with the help of winemakers. Besides, you can buy bottles of wines at a lower price. In addition, there are a lot of contests where you have the chance to get some prizes on the condition that you get the right answer to the question.

The Winemakers’ Gold Dinner is one of the important events in July. On the dinner, the participants have the opportunity to suggest the best dishes that match different wines. If you have spare time, you can pay a visit to the wineries where you can find out how green grapes are created into nice wines.

After visiting the vineyards and wineries, you are provided with delicate lunch and the wine for the lunch is chosen by you. When it comes to the end of the tour, a sunset barbecue is waiting for the guests who are organized by the authority. Moreover, hot balloon tours will make your wine tour more impressive if you want to have a try.