Hotels Allowing Your Pets in San Diego - A Happy Pet Friendly Vacation

06/21/2011 17:09

People who love travel and pets may have a desire that is to take their pets for a trip. But some hotels and attractions may not allow them to do so. However, in San Diego, you need not worry about this problem, because this city is a pet friendly place with many charming attractions and high level hotels.

Travelers who plan to travel with their pets had better talk to the management of the hotels concerning the pet policies and the type as well as the size of the pet permitted inside with them before reserving a hotel. In San Diego, some of the hotels charge extra fees for pets and some of them do not. Therefore, choosing a proper hotel will make your vacation happier and more comfortable. The following hotels are among the best ones in this area. Hope them helpful for your sojourn.

pet-friendly-hotels1. As a pet friendly property, Doubletree Mission valley in San Diego is well accepted by both the locals and the travelers within this city. The public facilities inside and around it are all state-of-the-art. What is more, the Old Town, Gaslamp Quarter as well as the business center can be easily reached by all the guests of this hotel. The convenient transportation and considerate services make this great hotel more popular. There, you can enjoy the spa, gymnasium and outdoor pools. The cafeteria serving breakfast and beverages to the guests will be another feature of this hotel.

2. Gifted by the Bay location, Holiday Inn San Diego is an amazing property that you should choose if you are considering a pet friendly vacation in San Diego. The customized services of this hotel are impeccable and satisfactory. If you live there with your family or friends, you can choose the suits. The standard room is available for the single guest. Guests with pet are also welcomed. But they can not take more than 2 dogs or cats with them if they want to check in this hotel. At the same time, additional fees will be charged in accordance with the size and breed of their pets.

3. La Jolla Village Lodge is also a pet friendly facility in San Diego. With a variety of amenities supplied for the guests, this gorgeous hotel also enjoys a wonderful position. If you want to check in it, you can book it on the internet in advance.