Intro to Downtown San Diego Condominium Tower: Things You Need to Know

06/18/2011 11:51

San Diego is a metropolitan and cosmopolitan city, where you'll find plentiful entertainment and excitement. In the modern society, people pay more attention to the quality of life. Therefore, condos in San Diego should be convenient for both life and work, especially the condos in Downtown San Diego. Among the Downtown Dan Diego condos, Condominium Tower is a good option.


This article will present an intro to Condominium Tower from many aspects in order to help you to find an ideal condo in San Diego.

1. Condominium Tower is also called Smart Corner, which was claimed into operation in 2007. Condominium Tower intends to build a comprehensive community for entertainment and comfort. It not only stresses on inner configuration, but also the surrounding amenities. The condos of Condominium Tower come in many shapes and sizes, which are studios, one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms. There are 19 storeys in Condominium Tower, in which five storeys are office space. Residents are able to have a bird-view of Downtown San Diego from Condominium Tower, and down to parks or beaches. With amazing restaurants, premier shopping, and sensational entertainment options, you will be satisfied with Condominium Tower. Educational facility is also within walking distance, which will bring great convenience to your kids. You are sure to find what you need in Downtown San Diego by living in Condominium Tower.

2. Condominium Tower is equipped with gated underground parking, secure entry, spa, fitness centers, barbecue areas and other facilities. Concierge and 24-hour security is also available in Condominium Tower. Condominium Tower installed a visual security system to ensure the security of the residents. The whole Condominium Tower is scattered with non-stop cameras and speakers to supervise the movements in 24 hours. The security center still has close contact with San Diego Police Department, and police will arrive in minutes when there is a need.

3. The Condominium Tower Real State will present you several floor plans if you are interested in Condominium Tower. A condo at Condominium Tower is priced from $150 to $500 square feet. Compared to other condos in Downtown San Diego, Condominium Tower offers the most reasonable price. And once you become the owner, many fees will be included in the Homeowner dues, such as phone, cable and high speed internet fees. The condos are also open to people who want to rent a condo. Condo rentals also share the same benefits of HOA dues.

Free Nightlife Options at San Diego

06/18/2011 11:49

san-diego-nightlifeSan Diego might amaze you with a wide range of entertainments and activities. But you'll get exhilarated at the free things to do in San Diego at night if you are on budget. You don't have to go to the pubs or bars for high music and dancing, because there are still other activities you can have fun with. Follow our article to see what free activities San Diego has prepared for your nightlife.

1. Ray at Night Artwalk
If you are art buff, then you can't miss Ray at Night in the North Park. Ray Street is known as a vibrant hub for galleries, which are home to many wonderful artworks. Ray Street is not very wide, but its Artwalk event attracts an estimated 1,500 people. Ray at Night Artwalk is held on the second Saturday monthly, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The artworks on show are from different artists, who express their viewpoints through the artworks. You can really spend time studying their works.

2. Firework Shows
If you happen to stroll down with your sweetheart along the Mission Bay, you'll be able to appreciate the Sea World firework shows for free. The Sea World firework shows are available from April through September and begin at approximately 9 o'clock in the night. You can experience the scene in the movie by making an oath to your lover in the colorful illumination of fireworks.

3. Bonfire Parties
It's perfect to hold a bonfire party on the beach! Barbeque, music, dancing, beverages and others are within your reach. Sing your favorite song accompanied by a guitar and the clapping beats from friends. You don't have to be very good at singing or dancing, but you have to be very happy at the party. It doesn't matter whether you have a theme for your party, but the forever theme for your party must be fun. The casual bonfire party will help everybody to find a position and to make a difference.

Enjoy your memorable nightlife at San Diego!

Lingering in Balboa Park When You Are in San Diego

06/18/2011 11:47

Balboa Park, an urban park minutes from Downtown San Diego, is a great attraction which witnesses over 14 million visitors every year. It deserves to be on your list of must-visit places for a trip to this city.

Numerous museums, gardens and institutions are set on this approximately 1,000 acres land, which make it not only a horticultural attraction, but also one of the best historical, recreational and educational destinations for visitors to this city. Its botanical garden is renowned for being home to many seasonal flowers, trees and other plants. You would like to take a walk by the winding paths through rolling lawns and flowers.

balboa-parkMany of Balboa Park's museums are housed in Spanish Colonial Revival buildings. San Diego Natural History Museum, the permanent home of one of the oldest scientific institutions in the western United States, has numerous artifacts, an enhanced exhibit space and a large format theater to tell the natural history of many areas from the dawn of time to modern era.

Of course, you won't miss San Diego Zoo. There are more than 4,000 rare and endangered animals here belonging to over 800 species. Many exotic animals like giant pandas, cuddly looking koalas, reptiles, storks and giraffes are all to be seen here. A zoo safari park houses many species of endangered wildlife. The kids will love to be immersed into the animal kingdom.

There are a lot of other wonderful places to go, like Spanish Village Art Center, Spreckels Organ Pavilion and Sefton Plaza and many historic buildings. Whatever is your preference, you will be satisfied. If you have kids with you, you can trust them to lead you the way. They know which places are the most interesting ones and are sure to endow you with a memorable stay in this San Diego Balboa Park.

A Brief Introduction of San Diego Shopping Malls - Horton Plaza

06/18/2011 11:46

San Diego has a great many wonderful shopping malls, like Chula Vista Center, Otay Ranch Town Center, Fashion Valley and Mission Valley, where you can get access to all kinds of goods and articles. Enthusiastic shoppers won't overlook Horton Plaza, a five storied shopping mall in the downtown area.

Horton Plaza used to be a public transit center and home to a substanitial homeless population. By the mid-1980s, it has been redeveloped into a shopping mall covering six and a half blocks. Its building is remarkable with bright colors, architectural tricks and odd spatial rhythms. It now is home to a wide variety of shops, stores and boutiques and becomes a popular noontime stop for downtown workers.



It is estimated that there are over 150 stores here which sell all kinds of goods, ranging from clothes and shoes to jewelry, accessories, toys, electronic goods, books and souvenirs. With Macy's and Nordstrom being the anchor stores, you will find a dozen more signature shops here, like Louis Vuitton, Pitz Cameras and GameStop, BCBG, Bebe, Steve & Barry's and Levi's Store. Some of these shops are boutiques and others are popular branded chained stores.

This urban cool themed mall not only supplies shoppers with wonderful shopping experience, but also other enjoyment. With a dozen restaurants and eateries set on the third floor, you can have a special dinner after wandering about for a day. Try Samba Grill, California Crepe, Panda Inn and Napa Valley Grille and you will enjoy eating at any of these. Besides, there are some entertainment destinations here, like movie theater and gym house, which are established to endow you with a unique shopping experience.

Horton Plaza, this wonderful San Diego shopping mall, has gained more popularity from shoppers in and out of the city.

How to Make an Advisable Investment in San Diego Downtown Property?

06/18/2011 11:43

downtown-san-diegoIf you are one of the investors in San Diego Downtown Property, there is a list of things to know before making your investing decision. Whether you purchase condos to live in or to resell, you need first get to know the general information of condos in downtown San Diego before making a truly advisable investment.

Condo buildings like Bayside, Electra, Metropolitan, Park Laurel and Pinnacle are the five best condos in this area. Best here means of the highest quality. Several neighborhoods are highly recommended for the stunning waterfront views, among which are Columbia and Marina. If you want to reside in a quiet neighborhood, you can take Cortez and Bankers Hill into consideration. Some other neighborhoods are popular for being within walking distance to shopping places and some are renowned for the local attractions.

To make a wise investment decision, you also need to know the average price of downtown condos and other related fees. Data of 2010 suggested that the average price of condos in downtown area was $547 per square feet and investors would be given a favorable discount of 4.5%-5% off the last asking prices, on average. As to HOA fees, a low rise building will charge less since there is no on site staff, while the high rise buildings will have to pay more for the existence of on site staff. Generally speaking, it will cost $400-$800 per month.

Investing in foreclosure condos is sometimes more lucrative since these condos are always sold at much cheaper prices after the previous owners gave up ransoming the houses. It is said that as many as 20% of downtown San Diego saleable properties are foreclosure houses. To buy a downtown condo, you can gather as much information as possible. Consulting a professional agent will always help you make a more advisable decision.

Explore The Amenities of The San Diego Latent Restaurants

06/18/2011 11:39

 We all know that San Diego is a very beautiful city and it has a lot of wonderful attractions for the travelers from all over the world. It is the second largest city in the state of California and the eighth largest city within the United States. It is also the birthplace of the California state. With such a famous reputation and so many wonderful holiday destinations, San Diego attracts numbers of visitors every year.

As a top holiday destination, San Diego offers all kinds of nice hotels and restaurants for the tourists. san-diego-restaurantsPeople can get easy access to many famous dining areas within the city and enjoy the delicious dishes they offer. However, there are also some hidden restaurants here. They are also very wonderful and provide visitors great foods and drinks. Here we are planning to show you some detailed info about the top hidden dining places in San Diego city.

The Kim's Restaurant:

Located just along the street, the Kim's Restaurant is really a paradise for all the travelers with its quality and delicious Vietnamese food. In this restaurant people can enjoy the most delicious Vietnamese food in the city. This hidden dining place is especially great for the Vietnamese and people fond of everything about Vietnam. It also provides visitors wonderful dining environment.

The Pipes Cafe:

With the slogan "No shirt, no shoes, no problems", the cash-only Pipes Cafe is no wonder a favorite hidden restaurant within the beach-bumming area. It offers visitors nice dishes as well as wonderful coffees. You can also get easy access to the great patio dining arrangement in this place.

The La Jolla:

This is also a recommended hidden dining place for all the travelers. It is located on the beach of the Pacific Ocean, which allows you to enjoy the wonderful beach views while having your food.

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